Church Directory – Update

At Washington Street UMC, we have a habit of breaking from the norm, so why would a photoshoot be any different? Instead of setting up a traditional church photoshoot with stock backdrops and boring family photos, we’ve partnered with a local photographer who will bring some life to the church pictorial directory. She’s agreed to offer two mornings of picture taking down at Jones Point Park, where we can bring some of God’s created nature into the church directory. 

Ginny Filer has been a photographer in Old Town for a number of years. She has worked and taken photos for some of our own church families before. She’s been recognized for her work by a number of magazines and organizations. You can see her work at her website,

For our Church Photoshoot, we’ve set up two types of photo sessions on Saturdays, April 29 and May 6, from 8:00am to 12:00pm, and on Sunday, May 7, from 11:15am – 1:05pm. 

1. Beginning at 8:00am on both Saturdays, you may sign up for a personal or family portrait session in 15-minute increments. For these paid sessions, Ginny will provide you a digital copy of every picture she takes, and she will provide the church with one headshot per individual and one family photo per family. These 15-minute sessions will cost $75 each, and you can expect to receive no less than 10 touched up photos, but will very likely receive more. You can extend the session in 15-minute increments if you would like a 30-, 45-, or 60-minute session. 

2. Beginning at 10:00am on both Saturdays, and beginning at 11:15am on Sunday, you may sign up for a ‘church session’ in 10-minute intervals. The church sessions are available at no cost to you, but they will only provide one head shot per person and one family photo per family. Digital copies of these pictures will be provided to both the church and the individual or family. 

You can see the available time slots online by clicking here.

To sign up for a time slot, click here to fill out the online form.

See some examples of Ginny’s work below!