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Run Peter, Run

We come and we celebrate Easter Sunday and the resurrection of Christ because there are many like Peter in the world. There are many who are searching for new life and for a way out of the darkness of their life.

All Hail the King

In the events of this week, God will reject the binary that says either conquer or be conquered, win or lose, succeed or be a failure. God is seeking, even in giving Christ to the cross, to make a way for new life in death.

Anything I Can Do, I Can Do Better

You haven’t been waiting for God to do the same thing again, have you? You didn’t think that sending you through the river, into the wilderness, toward the promised land is the only way God knows to offer salvation, did you? Prepare yourself to be a part of God’s new thing!

A Fork in the Prodigal Road

This parable is often read wrong, there is a fork in the prodigal road. We have the choice most commonly taken, to see the son as the lone prodigal. Perhaps it’s time we reread this text.

Sprite Can’t Quench This Thirst

Image is nothing. Thirst is everything. Obey your thirst. Just remember, Sprite can’t quench this thirst.

Just Follow Me

So how do we, we who may be experiencing the same type of wilderness wandering as Abram, find for ourselves this type of hope and faith in God?

Living Faithfully in the Wildernes

May this season be a season we learn to more completely entrust our lives and our world into the hands of the one who denied himself to ensure that each of us, and all created beings, may have life, life abundant, and life eternal. Amen.

Sound the Alarm: Lent is Here

May this season of Lent, these 40 days, be not just about our repentance, but may the be about our humble renewal. May God renew us that we may, all the more, be ever in the service of the one who created us from dust, and who promises us eternal life when our temporary bodies return to dust.