A Different Kind of Christmas

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Jesus’ Wish List

To sum up Jesus’ wish list, Christ wants you to reflect the love of God. “[This] love is not just a special way of feeling; it is an orientation of life and action.”[iv] It is an offering of what little we may feel we have to offer, that in the blessing of God, we may use our resources together to participate in the work of God, transforming lives, and ensuring each life knows the hope and light that we celebrate in the birth of Christ.

Scandalous Love

The message of God in the birth of Christ is that God offers us a scandalous love. It violates the expectations one would have for a creator with their persistently disloyal creation. Yet, it is offered nonetheless.

Giving Up on Perfect

Maintaining and striving for perfect are great ideals, but rarely reality. God’s miracle in Christ isn’t about offering a perfect witness, it’s about teaching us to give up on perfect. Mary allowed her life to be disrupted to be a part of God’s plan to bring about healing, transformation, and salvation to the world. How is God trying to work in and through your life?

Expect a Miracle

In this season of Advent, you are invited to imagine a different kind of Christmas. You are invited to celebrate a Christmas that is marked not by the consumer and materialistic ideals, but by celebrating the miracle of God in the birth of Christ.