Broken Reflections

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The Reflection of Grace

Easter is not a call to return to the way things were. It is a reminder that in Christ’s resurrection, God’s love wins out over death. It is an invitation to see ourselves redeemed in the reflection of God’s grace, as we hear our name called by the risen Lord, that we may go forth to share the good news, that Christ the Lord is risen today!

Broken Reflections: Broken Voices

From shouts of “Hosanna,” to the cries of “Crucify him,” our voices are indicative of our brokenness and need for salvation. This week, perhaps more than any other, offers us pause to consider, how do our voices speak of the need for a Savior?

Broken Reflections: Broken Selves

The brokenness of humanity is often best defined in our claim to be God – to have the perfection and holiness of Christ, and to reserve the right to offer the judgement of God. Yet, we are not God, we are broken images of God’s creation in need of healing and salvation.

Broken Reflections: Broken Relationships

We are so quick to point out the faults in others, especially as it gives us a beneficial leg-up or increase in personal well-being. But Jesus refuses to engage with those who skew the Biblical word for personal gain. On which side of the proverbial line in the sand do you stand?

Broken Reflections: Broken Neighborhood

It’s one thing to know the biblical text. It’s another to be willing to follow it without question. How often do we engage in theological debate simply to avoid share love with those we choose to hate?

Broken Reflections: Broken Nation

America is broken. As a nation, we are at war among ourselves. But don’t be fooled – our brokenness is not the result of our differences. It is the result of our unwillingness to see the image of God in the other.

Broken Reflections: Broken World

In the flood, God intended to ‘fix’ humanity and creation. Instead, post-flood, we remain just as broken, but with God’s covenant promise to be our eternal hope and healing.

Broken Image – Ash Wednesday Meditation


When God does a new thing, a new way of living goes with it. The cross of the ashes tells us we are defined by God’s grace, which reminds us we can engage the world around us in critical, crucial, and faithful ways in the work of reconciliation. The manuscript for this sermon is not […]