Committed to Christ

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Are You Ready To Grow In Your Prayer Life?

The invitation to consider a step toward increasing your commitment to Christ through prayer is not just about inviting you to spend more time in prayer, it’s about identifying that there is no decision in your life that does not deserve God’s input.

It’s a Privilege to be Here

Faithful worship is about being that person who loves both God and the Church enough to be in attendance in worship every week to receive the life-changing love and grace of God.

Give Till It Feels Good

Our giving is not a necessity because of the need of the church; our giving is about offering a joyful response to God’s love. It is not measured quantitatively (the size of our gift); faithful living is measured qualitatively (by the sacrifice we offer as response to God’s love).

Can I Get a Witness?

How can we make the most loving, gracious witness to Christ in our community?

The Joy of Serving

The commitment to service is not about glorification, honor, or promotions. This commitment is about taking part – not simply being part, you are already a part of the body – it’s about taking part.

Have You Read It For Yourself?

We are called to read the Scripture because in God’s covenant with us, God has provided us with a story – our story, the story of our faith – in which we are given all that is necessary for salvation. In this good book, in the text of our faith, we find not only our faith history, but we find who we are meant to be ourselves.

Almost Persuaded

Consider, when is the last time you committed yourself to Christ? Does the call to discipleship drive your life? In the risen Lord visibly and perpetually revealed in your life?