My How the Bible Has Changed

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Etymology and vocabulary have caused a lot of mis-understanding in the Biblical text. As the new year kicks off, we will be studying a number of key words and verses to question if edits in the English translations of the Biblical text have caused us to misunderstand God's will regarding some central issues, like slavery, homosexuality, gender value, salvation, and a general moral code.

Doulos • Slave

The Biblical witness can not be summed up by any one passage of the scriptural text. When passages are cherry picked, it most often leads to a watered down gospel or failed truth that does not stand the test of the Gospel on the whole. How we treat the word “slave” is a key example.

Chamad • Covet

We should not cheapen the Biblical word due to our insufficient English translations, but claim the fullness of God’s desire for humanity as laid out in the ancient texts. God longs for us to delight in the goodness of creation, but not in a way that threatens the peace of the community.

Seeing the Word of God

Almost every major division within the greater Christian body stems from a disagreement in the way we read and understand the Biblical text. The translating of the ancient Greek and Hebrew texts is a challenging task, and often has lasting implications on how Christians think, act, and believe.