Reclaiming Your I.D.entity in Christ

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I.D.entity: Voter ID

Especially this week, the world around you is going to try and shape your Voter ID for you, in hopes that your behavior in the polls on Tuesday will be in line with the new identity you claim as a Voter. Reject their false ID.

I.D.entity: Work ID

We need not be defined by the work we do; our identity is not dependent on our successes and failures. It is not your doing that will save you, it is the foundational identity of who you are as one who is claimed by God.

I.D.entity: Photo ID

We often assume false identities by the names, descriptions, and comments of others. These false identities are defined as our Photo ID.

I.D.entity: Valid ID

If we claim our identity as Christians, as the beloved children of God that scriptures claim we are, then we should act out of that identity.