Summer 2015

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What Are You Doing Here?

What is God asking Elijah? What are you DOING here? or What are you doing HERE? By understanding the emphasis of God’s questions, we can better hear God asking us the same thing.

The Discipline of Mutual Discernment

While God does lead individuals in profound ways – God uses the body – the Church – to discern the will of God in the world today. For when we, as Paul says, the many parts that make up the body, are bound together in mutual discernment and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we become a community that embodies the love and the life of Christ.

What Christ Will Do For You

May we allow ourselves to be called by God to serve with one another in the body of Christ, built upon the Lord, our cornerstone – our foundation, to rebel and speak out against those who would silence, slander, reject, dehumanize, cast out, persecute, and kill – not just those who profess the Lord – but all of humanity.

Once Was, but Now Is

We are a people with a cornerstone that is seeking to build us into a holy people. Let us proclaim the power of the resurrection and the everlasting promise of new life for all that all may be known as God’s people.

Whose World is This?

Yes, there are 7.3 billion people in the world – that’s a lot of people to love and to welcome into God’s kingdom – but this is our chosen task. For from God, we have been entrusted and created to help offer God’s redeeming love to the world.

Reflections of Christ

Paul is naming Christ’s role in God’s mission of redemption to name Christ as a model for the church to imitate. Notice, Paul does not call the church to impersonate Christ, but to imitate the Lord.

What Does God Require of Me?

The call from Micah, a reminder of God’s covenant with the faithful community, is to do more than just be religious from a pious standpoint. Do more than just go through the motions of sacrificial rites – but it is a call to be reciprocal with God and with God’s beloved creation.

Blessedly (un)Worthy

As we begin a new chapter in the ministry of Washington Street together, it is my hope and prayer that we may hold these three promises to still be true: 1. God is not done working here, in this community, and in this world. 2. God calls us still to welcome the stranger as one of God’s own. 3. God needs us not be perfect to use us as a blessing, but for us to simply acknowledge God’s faithfulness and be open to God using us.