Upside Down

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Love the Ones You Hate

We have no hope of being different, of being healed, or of loving others in this way unless the power of Jesus Christ is present in our lives. And Jesus wants to live in you in this way. He wants to see the power of God active in your life in this way. Christ wants to turn your life upside down.

A Higher Standard

Christ came to reconcile your sin, heal your wounds, and show you how wonderful and unique and gifted you are, and how you can live according to a higher standard.

You Can Change the World

You can spend your life thinking about how to change yourself: eat right, exercise, and save money. You can change yourself in positive ways, and I hope you do, but more important is what Jesus is saying – look what I have done in you. With all that I have already done, look what you can do. You can change the world!

Happiness Redefined

In 2016, may you be someone who is not focused on the safety and temporary nature of this life, but instead, be someone who understands that happiness must be redefined. We must turn the patterns of the world upside down and let the true love of God become the norm, not the exception.