Sermons by Rev. Thomas G. James

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A Charlie Brown Christmas – Christmas Eve


What makes Charlie Brown Christmas good enough that we would be willing to use it as the foundation for the message about the gift of Christ on Christmas Eve? It connects with our brokenness, our wandering, and our hope for the light of Christ.

It’s a Wonderful Life – Nevertheless


George Bailey was struggling with failed plans and great pain, and he found himself on the brink of giving in to the darkness. Nevertheless, God showed him the hope of new life.

Polar Express – A Christmas Revelation


There are certain things that are undeniable. In this season of Advent, you are invited to prepare your heart, to offer your hope and trust, to belief like that a child, in the undeniable love of God.

The Grinch – A Little Bit More


The Grinch, in acknowledging the purpose and meaning of the birth of light into the darkness, went through a transformation. We are called into that season of transformation as we prepare for Christ’s birth too.

Elf – The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer


To help bring in the new year of the church, in a time when we focus on preparing our lives to welcome once more the birth of Christ, we are going to spend some time digging in to pop culture to find a word of promise – even hidden as it may be – that does not skip out on the hope of the scriptural texts that guide our path to the manger on Christmas Eve.

God is Still the Almighty


We sit in wonder of the same things as the people of Israel who were scattered in exile: for truly as a people – as a nation and as a community – we are broken and we are yearning for a new promise of hope.

I.D.entity: Voter ID


Especially this week, the world around you is going to try and shape your Voter ID for you, in hopes that your behavior in the polls on Tuesday will be in line with the new identity you claim as a Voter. Reject their false ID.

I.D.entity: Work ID


We need not be defined by the work we do; our identity is not dependent on our successes and failures. It is not your doing that will save you, it is the foundational identity of who you are as one who is claimed by God.

I.D.entity: Photo ID


We often assume false identities by the names, descriptions, and comments of others. These false identities are defined as our Photo ID.

I.D.entity: Valid ID


If we claim our identity as Christians, as the beloved children of God that scriptures claim we are, then we should act out of that identity.