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Faith in Uncertain Times

This may not be the Palm Sunday we were hoping for, or expecting. Yet, even in our isolation, the faithfulness of Christ is sufficient for you and me. The willingness of Jesus to follow in the Father’s steps will bring us new life.

rehab: Promise

The people cheered “Hosanna!” at Christ’s entrance into the Holy City because of a archaic promise that though we are incapable of faithfulness, God remains faithful, and God will do the work to ensure death does not have the final word.

Broken Reflections: Broken Voices

From shouts of “Hosanna,” to the cries of “Crucify him,” our voices are indicative of our brokenness and need for salvation. This week, perhaps more than any other, offers us pause to consider, how do our voices speak of the need for a Savior?

REPLICATED GRACE: Grace in a Broken Jar

The disciples were losing hope of Jesus’ future after a successful start to the week, which began with shouts of Hosanna! But in the breaking and pouring of a jar of alabaster over the head of Christ, the week begins to shift.