listening-to-Miss-LisaIn order to introduce our students to a variety of experiences, our 4 and 5 year old students take regular chaperoned walking field trips to the Barrett Branch Library on Queen Street. Other walking field trips in Old Town include a visit to the Trice Alley Fire Station and our local Post Office. Several times throughout the school year, visitors such as musicians, story tellers, and puppeteers are invited to the preschool to enrich the curriculum. Early exposure to a new language is another opportunity our students have at Washington Street Preschool. Each class level receives Spanish language instruction from our language instructor twice a month. In order to promote children’s curiosity and encourage their need for discovery, Washington Street Preschool offers a monthly Science Seed class taught by special instructors. Students learn geology, chemistry, biology, physics, nature and nutrition in fun, interactive and age appropriate ways. Students also participate in music, singing, and playing instruments daily in their classrooms. Washington Street Preschool was founded to give young children every opportunity to develop socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually to their fullest potential. To support spiritual growth, the Preschool holds a Children’s Chapel Service each month led by the Preschool Director. Each fifteen minute monthly Chapel Service consists of age-appropriate stories, songs, and prayer. Additionally our Preschool participates in a variety of outreach and ministry programs, such as Thanksgiving food collections, Christmas giving programs, and more.


Washington Street Preschool offers an After School Enrichment Program, during which children have an opportunity to interact with peers over lunch, brought from home, and participate in  a special after school experience within mixed age groups. In addition to the unique activities and games offered, “Lunch Bunchers” take a few walking field trips throughout the school year and enjoy several programs by visiting educational organizations and instructors. The program is offered to children in the 4’s/5’s and MWF 3 Year Old Class on Wednesday afternoons. More program information, including tuition, as well as registration for our Lunch Bunch Programs will be available in September.