Welcome to the Virtual Summer Camp. Due to the continued concern regarding COVID-19, we have had to cancel our in-person Summer Camp at WSUMC. In lieu of an in-person camp, we have decided to offer an online gathering each week. While this is not how we envisioned this year’s Summer Camp to take place, we are excited to provide opportunities for engagement, community, and learning. We are making these camp sessions free for everyone who wants to participate! The camp is designed for children ages 3-7.

To support your children and give them an opportunity to engage with each other, we will be hosting a virtual meeting space Wednesdays at 10:00am through WSUMC’s zoom platform. We envision using this space for questions, games and other structured social interactions. To protect the children participating, we are not making the Zoom information public. Please take a quick moment and register online to get a link for Wednesday’s Live gathering.


Ms. Christina Hagemeier

Hello all! I am an art therapist who has worked with children in FCPS for 3 years. I enjoy being in the classroom and watching students make connections. I was blessed to be able to be a part of last year’s summer camp serving as the lead teacher with Ms. Jenna for the older class. I am excited to be back in a different way this year providing art opportunities for your children. I hope that you and your child have access to art supplies, however, please contact me if you do not. Most of my lessons can be modified to use whatever you have around the house. I will try and let you know a week in advance if you need any special materials. I look forward to working with you this summer!

Mrs. Jenna Pietrandrea

Hello families! I am a board eligible music therapist with experience with many diverse population groups, from hospice to hospitals. I just completed my first year with FCPS as a music therapy teacher serving two elementary schools. Last summer, I had a blast helping develop and teach the pilot program for our summer camp with Ms. Christina. This year, we will find new ways to share and create music, including homemade instruments and online music resources. We will make music time accessible for all and I highly encourage joining in on the fun!

For more information about the weekly Zoom calls or the weekly videos, please email Ms. Christina.

Week 1: July 6-10

Our first week’s theme is Emotions! Emotions are with us all the time, especially right now. We, as teachers, are feeling a lot of emotions about having a virtual summer camp. This week let’s explore our emotions and how they help us.

Book reading: The Color Monster by Anna Llenas
Art Lesson: Color Monster
Music Lesson: Emotions Song

Week 2: July 13-17

This week our theme is The Jungle! We will be reading The Lion King, learning how to make animal masks, and making our own drums. Let’s have some fun making some noises of the jungle.

Book reading: The Lion King
Art Lesson: Animal Masks
Music Lesson: Making Our Own Drums
Building a Drum: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRGnKkoEOzQ
Mrs. Jenna’s Drums: https://youtu.be/rByvVXovGqI
Use your drum to play along with these animal virtual drum beats: https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com/Rhythm/

Week 3: July 20-25

This week our theme is ​Caring for Others​! We will be reading​ What Does It Mean to Be Kind? and expressing our love for others through art and music. Let’s have some fun and show how much we care!

Book Reading:What Does It Mean to Be Kind?
Read by Ms. Caroline from WSUMC Sunday School
Art Lesson: Art for Others
Music Lesson: Musical Madlib (Caring edition)
“​Song for You​” Instructions & Lyrics found at the bottom of this email Mrs. Jenna’s Madlib Video ​https://youtu.be/8LHlLAQA0tM\

Week 4: July 27-31

This week our theme is Getting into Nature! We will be reading The Lorax and finding ways that we can use nature to create art and music. Being in nature can help us stay calm and relax. Let’s have a relaxing week in nature!

Book Reading: The Lorax
Read by Ms. Grace from WSUMC Sunday School
Art Lesson: Nature Art
Music Lesson: Soundscapes
Soundscapes BINGO (download here!)
Build Your Own Online Soundscape: https://noises.online or https://soundscape.world

Week 5: August 3-7

This week our theme is ​Believing in Yourself​! We will be reading​ Imani’s Moon ​and finding ways that we can use nature to create art and music. Being in nature can help us stay calm and relax. Let’s have a relaxing week in nature!

Book Reading: The Lorax
Read by Ms. Grace from WSUMC Sunday School
Art Lesson: Nature Art
If you ​DO​ have a box:https://youtu.be/G3bwuT-DUi4
If you ​DON’T​ have a box:https://youtu.be/hJelismSMJc
Music Lesson: Wishing Windchime
Wishing Windchime: ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjyjgWGUZ8s
Ms. Jenna’s Windchime & Song: https://youtu.be/s3CQjeOTcqs

Week 6: August 10-15

This week our theme is Problem Solving! We will be reading A Beautiful Oops and working on problem solving with our art and music. Not everything goes our way and it is good to practice problem solving (especially when it can be SO fun!)

Book Reading: A Beautiful Oops
Read by Mrs. Dana from WSUMC Sunday School
Art Lesson: Oops Art
Music Lesson: Oops Music
Move And Dance with Blazerfresh: https://family.gonoodle.com/activities/the-ball-is-in-your-court
It’s Okay to Make Mistakes: https://youtu.be/DafEqZZ3gME
Growth Mindset with Bruno Mars and Sesame Street: https://youtu.be/SnrHZ_uvtxk

Week 7: August 17-21

This week our theme is ​Our Differences are Special and Important​! We will be reading Rainbow Fish ​and talking about being kind to others that don’t always do the same thing as us or look the same way as us. Everyone is special in their own way and has so much to give! It is important to celebrate our diversity.

Book Reading: Rainbow Fish
Read by Mrs. Krysta from WSUMC Sunday School
Art Lesson: Rainbow Fish
Extra Art: Calm down/Sensory bottle
Music Lesson: Make Your Own Rainstick
Extra Music: Play Your Rainstick along with “Everybody Is Different”