You might be asking, what is WSUMC.LIVE? This is the Washington Street UMC worship service live streamed to bring worship to people throughout the world. So, if you are a regular live stream viewer, local or afar, or if you are here for the first time, welcome to WSUMC.LIVE!

The buttons here are to help you stay connected with WSUMC. Please take a moment and click “Attendance” to let us know you’re worshipping with WSUMC today. Also, use the “Prayer” button to let us know how we can pray for you in the coming days and weeks. Use the “Bulletin” button to follow along with Sunday worship. Use the “New Rhythm” button to find ways you can engage in Zoom Call Small Groups, and respond to the community during this season. If you’d like to financially support the ministry of WSUMC, click the “Give” button.

SUNDAY, MARCH 22: We are aware that the live streaming servers went down on Sunday, March 22 near the end of the sermon. The recording from the service is available to watch, but it jumps at 33:48 from the Sermon to the Pastoral Prayer. We are working with Rev. Rudy Tucker to provide an ending to the sermon, and will get it posted once we have it recorded.

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