There’s little hiding that our national landscape is tense. It seems no one is willing to communicate across the aisle. This isn’t just a political issue, it’s a racial issue, a religious issue, and a cultural issue. It’s a hard topic to touch, but if Christ comes to be a light in the darkness, to provide hope where hope seems lost, then clearly Christ has something to say about our inability to share in community with others. Join in this series from January 20 – February 17 as we consider how Christ calls us to Be The Change in the world today.


The Dispirited
January 20, 2019

The first thing we must do to change our society is to recognize we are not better than those around us. The ability to change comes from an impoverished Spirit.

The Right, the Righteous and the Reconciled
January 27, 2019

We can not long only for the world to be right, but for the world reconciled to God and one another

In Pursuit of Faithful Discernment
February 3, 2019

If our goal is only to get the world to look the way we want it to look, then who needs relationships.

A Sinking Rock
February 10, 2019

True mourning leaves no room for pride, it creates true humility. This is where God does his finest work. Pride leads to fighting. Humility to reconciliation.

Blessed are the Peacemakers
February 17, 2019

Jonah was alive because of God’s grace and now he doesn’t want to share it. There is something greater than nationality or political party which unites us.

General Conference Prayer Service
February 24, 2019

As the Special Session of the United Methodist General Conference is meeting, we will gather for worship, and be invited to pray in different ways for different aspects of the General Conference, its purpose, and its delegates.


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