Consumerism, gone unchecked, can easily become detrimental to one’s personal and family life. Just so, consumerism, unrestrained, can also negatively affect our relationship with God and with one another. To help reclaim a faithful approach to consumerism, it’s a healthy necessity from time to time to revisit our consumer practices. We will seek to take that faithful visit in this October’s Worship Series: Consumer Society. Join in worship on Sundays, or stay connected here at, as we consider what God’s Word has to offer toward faithfulness in regards to consumerism. We will conclude on Sunday, October 29 in the annual Harvest of Hope, as we dedicate our time, talent, and treasures to continue God’s work at WSUMC.
Faithful Consumerism (Philippians 4:10-20)
October 15, 2017

The only way to break from the chain of gathering and consuming, from searching for new things to quench our consumer thirst, is to turn toward the only one who can truly satisfy our desires.

The Universality of Christ (Matthew 25:31-46)
October 22, 2017

In a world where globalization is king, we have to learn how to cope with the ‘otherness’ of the world. “Only Christianity satisfactorily solves the problem of the One and the many, because Christ is the “concrete Universal.” Only the Incarnation can an individual be universal and the universal be individual. For this to be true, we can not grasp and take from the world, we must submit to Christ. Only in submitting, can we attain.

From Exchange to Eucharist
October 29, 2017

When we consume the Eucharist, we become one with others and we share their fate. Communion breaks down the divine between people who only know each other because of economic exchanges – we see them as part of the same body. As a response to the sermon, the congregation is invited to commitment themselves to serve and engage in the church community, and to commit to using their financial gifts for the glory of God’s work in Alexandria. You can learn more about servant opportunities by contacting [email protected], and you offer your financial commitment online (click here).


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