In general, the word rehabilitate means to restore to a condition of good health, ability to work; to restore to good condition or operation; or to restore a person’s reputation. This is the purpose of Lent, which offers us a time to reflect, to take stock of our spiritual condition, and realign our lives. Along the way, we may have to admit how little control we have to see this kind of reconciliatory work in our lives.     

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March 10, 2019

We all go through periods of wandering in the wilderness. When we are faced with our mortality, wandering in the wilderness seems to be the norm – we have no clear path forward. Yet, in our wilderness, Christ is there with us, sharing in the place of being lost.

March 17, 2019

When we are wrong, we need to be rebuked, and shown, taught, and led into the way of true life. That’s not always easy – it often means doing the difficult thing, the hardest thing, the thing that leads to death of the self – so that we can receive the gift of life.

March 24, 2019

As we seek new life, as we seek wholeness, we need to realize we have a program – a path laid before us – that gives us guidance to life envisioned by God for creation.

(March 31, 2019 – We will be sharing in a joint service at Downtown Baptist with guest preacher, Rev. Jorge Acevedo. Worship will begin at 11:00am on this date.)
April 7, 2019

The path to new life is not easy nor clean. As we seek to relinquish the sin that claims our time, money, and attention, the road to new life may not go smoothly, but new life is the desire for us by the one who makes it possible.

April 14, 2019

Even when our lives are in shambles, God promises us good to come. God promises he has amazing plans for us – for us to prosper. It’s not always easy to hear this and claim it, but the Lord promises it nevertheless.

Holy Thursday – We will be gathering for a joint service at Downtown Baptist, and will share in worship with Beulah Baptist and Roberts Memorial UMC.
April 18, 2019
Good Friday
April 19, 2019

We will gather for a Tenebrae service – a service of Shadows – and hear the passion narrative read in full as we remember the sacrifice of God in the crucifixion of Christ.

Easter Sunday
April 21, 2019

Easter is praised as the revelation of Christ as the Son of God in the resurrection. Even death could not contain God’s love. … But Easter is not just about Christ’s resurrection, it’s about the new life each receives who encounters God’s resurrected love in Jesus Christ.


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