In the summer of 2018, the Schantz Organ underwent a complete renovation, which included a number of technical upgrades. All but a handful of pipes were taken back to the David M. Storey Pipe Organ Builders warehouse in Baltimore, where they were cleaned, repaired, and polished. The organ console was also taken to the warehouse for a complete rewiring and overhaul due to a new solid state system.  New piston rails and toe stubs were installed to accommodate the upgrades, which allow for double the amount of general pistons, 128 levels of memory, a sequencer, record and playback feature, and transposer. For functionality, a new height adjustable bench was added, along with an adjustable music desk and upgraded console lighting.

Originally installed in 1972, the Schantz Organ has seen a few upgrades over the years, including the addition of the Trumpet en Chamade in 1985, as well as the Zimblestern and 32′ Resultant digital rank in the pedal in the 1980s. Scroll down to see pictures from the 2018 renovation. Click here to see a full organ stop list.