Why is money such a hard thing to talk about, especially in church? The truth is, money is a central part of our lives. Whether we have a lot of it or a little of it, money tends to drive conversations, goals, stresses, and so much more. As the church, we can’t put it in a corner or not address it; rather, in this fall worship series, we’ll discover that money isn’t something to be scared of as much as it is another vehicle through which we can share God’s love.

Worship is held each Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m.*

A Trust Issue
Matthew 6:19-25
September 18

Money is so often something to be feared or something to be lusted as opposed to being a symbol of our trust in God. Too often we look at our financial situations and wonder if we’ll have enough, and in the process we miss the bigger picture about God’s love. What might we release this day from our stress bank so that we can share with deeper abundance from the wellspring of love God has placed within us?

A Worry Issue
Matthew 6:25-34
September 25

There is a prevailing myth in our world that teaches us having more money will lead to more happiness, more importance, and more security. The reality is that more is not equivalent to abundance. In the myth, we will never have enough; but when we live into God’s life and heart, there is more than enough. When we resist comparing, rejoice in what we have, return it back to God, we discover that money isn’t an ends for which we live, but a means by which we live.

A Sharing Issue
Luke 12:13-21
October 2

Whatever we have, no matter how little or much, tends to be something we want to protect. We are like the farmer who wants to build a bigger barn. The reality, however, is that God invites us not to just store up our possessions and funds, but to share so that all might have enough. Whether we need to make an initial gift, an occasional gift, an intentional gift, a percentage gift, or be fully surrendered, God invites us to take a step towards building God’s Kingdom instead of our personal castle.

Investing in the Kingdom
October 9

As we close out the worship series on living Simply Free, guest preacher Paulo Lopes will invite us to consider how we can invest in the future ministry and work of Washington Street UMC. Each person will be invited to consider how they can use their time to serve the community, their talents to further the mission of the church, and their treasures to help support the future vitality of WSUMC. Following worship, WSUMC will celebrate in the annual Harvest of Hope, sharing in conversation and community over a lunch meal as we dream about how God is calling each of us to be involved in the sharing of God’s love in the world.

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*Childcare is provided for infants – 5 years old each Sunday morning from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.