In an American society where Christians are being lumped into one group, defined by a “born-again religious” moniker, it may help to think more intentionally about the call to the Christian faith. Can one be spiritual – deeply committed to living a life that models Christ’s teaching – while rejecting the religious stereotypes and religious wars that seem to go hand in hand with faith in America? Absolutely. Come and join on Sunday mornings in January / February to hear what Paul has to say in Romans 12 about being Spiritual but not Religious. To learn more about worship at Washington Street UMC, jump over to our Worship Service page!
Being Spiritual, but not Religious (Matthew 23: 1-31)
January 7, 2018

Our call is not to simply follow the practices of the religious leaders who speak the loudest and demand our attention. Our call is to create a deep, spiritual commitment to the Creator who sends the Redeemer who empowers us with the Sustainer.

What God Really Wants of Us (Romans 12:1)
January 14, 2018

Fully surrendering to any other person or entity is challenging. It conjures up thoughts of fear and submission. Yet, such a total commitment is what God requires. How do you do this in a faithfully spiritual way, and not in a religious mindset that seeks to check off a few commandment boxes?

You’re Better Than You Think You Are (Romans 12:2)
January 21, 2018

There’s a lot of worldly endeavors that are smart and sexy – attractive to say the least. They invite us to turn from God. But professing faithfulness and living worldliness is nothing more than religiosity personified. Spiritual depth provides a better understanding of how what God offers trumps what the world offers.

Being the You You Were Made to Be (Romans 12:3-8)
January 28, 2018

Religious commitment seeks unified response. But we weren’t created the same, we are each created in unique ways with unique gifts and unique callings. True spirituality seeks to understand a person’s true self and to learn how our uniqueness can make a difference in the larger community.

How to Experience Authentic Community (Romans 12:9-13)
February 4, 2018

Churches who focus on religious expectations rarely cultivate relationships that penetrate surface level connections. Beyond rule-following accountability, authentic community doesn’t suffice to make sure members are living ‘rightly,’ it seeks deep commitments wherein the community is intimately interconnected.

How God Meddles in our Personal Stuff (Romans 12:14-21)
February 11, 2018

True spirituality results in our lives looking more like that of Jesus. The place this is often hardest for us is through interactions with people who we consider our enemy. Religiosity allows for writing off our enemies as evil and unworthy. But true spirituality invites us to turn the love of God into personal actions that extends peace and love even when there is distrust and disagreement.


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