UNCHAINED: Finding Freedom in Forgiveness

We all carry the weight of guilt in some capacity, and when ignored, it tends to hold us in captivity. Forgiveness is a gift God gives that helps us find a new freedom by releasing the control of guilt in our lives. God’s gift of forgiveness also leads us toward offering the freedom of forgiveness to others. Join in this worship series to find freedom in forgiveness, and learn how forgiveness can play a role in relinquishing the control of guilt in even the most difficult of life’s circumstances. 

Worship is held each Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m.*

What Forgiveness Is(n’t)
Luke 7:36-50
January 8

Forgiveness, fundamentally, is like the relieving of a large debt. We all carry the weight of sin in some capacity, and forgiveness is a gift God gives to us and encourages us to give to others. Forgiveness is not the same thing as forgetfulness or foolishness, but it is giving yourself the freedom to receive from God and not to be controlled by another. We’ll look at some of the basics of forgiveness and how each part of the forgiving flow is essential to a holistic sense of God’s forgiveness.

You Are Enough
Matthew 25:1-13
January 15

The error in judgment of those left out isn’t that they didn’t have enough, it’s that they listened to the others tell them they weren’t good enough. Other people may be telling you that you’re not good enough – that you don’t have what you need. Learn to listen to the voice of God over the voice of others, because God says you are good enough. 

John 8:1-11
January 22

We are all prone to be addicts. We all love something more than we should. Some addictions are very obvious – known and named. But some addictions are subtle. The reality is that no person is without addiction, we all fall somewhere on the addiction continuum; know that all of us struggle with the sin of addiction at some level. We all have a tendency to love that which we are called not to love. 

When the Community Has Failed Me
Genesis 37:12-28
January 29

Sometimes, in the hard times of life, it’s easy to feel as if your community of support has abandoned you. It’s easy to feel as if you are alone, without the support of family and friends. It’s also easy to harbor blame and projected guilt on others for seemingly allowing bad things to happen to you or around you. Such guilt and failure to seek reconciliation chains us and keeps us from experiencing the freedom of God’s forgiveness. 

Owning our Messes
Matthew 5:23-26
February 5

We often harbor the guilt of mistakes we have made in the past. The repercussions of holding and repressing such personal disappointments is that we are chained to our sub-conscience guilt for events past. Jesus calls us to find ways for reconciliation to alleviate the pain of mistakes made, and to find freedom in receiving God’s forgiveness. 


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