This June, we are excited to see a full Sanctuary renovation. The Sanctuary has served as the worshipping space for the congregation since the building was first built in 1851. The renovation taking place this June will include adding on a permanent platform in the front, replacing the carpet, repairing pews and replacing the pew pads, upgrading the lighting, upgrading the HVAC system, fixing water damage and cracks in the plaster, and painting the full room (walls, ceilings, furniture, etc.). Along with the work on the physical space, the church’s 46 year-old organ will undergo a full renovation and upgrade. With so much work scheduled, the renovation will last a full four weeks, from June 4 – June 30. The Sanctuary will be rededicated in a celebratory worship service on Sunday, July 1 at 10am.

During this time, you are invited to join in community for worship around town. The worshipping schedule for June will be as follows:

Beginning July 1, worship will be back in the Sanctuary at WSUMC at 10:00am. Also beginning in July, we will be live streaming worship at WSUMC.LIVE on Sundays mornings. You’re invited to join in worship, whether you are in Old Town or anywhere around the world. We’ll be testing the live feed during the renovation, so join check out the feed and watch the renovation take place!