Fellowship HallWashington Street United Methodist Church, located just off of King Street on South Washington Street has been a familiar face in Old Town for over 160 years. The congregation has been worshiping in Old Town since 1849, and has been in the current building since 1851, minus a short period when the building was occupied by Union troops during the Civil War. During that time, the sanctuary of the church served as a hospital.

In 2014, the majority of the building was torn down to the studs and rebuilt. The first floor, used as a stable during the Civil War and later a small chapel, is now open and bright with various rooms and work areas. Cafe & KitchenThere is a kitchen and café that welcome our community’s homeless every Monday morning for breakfast. Kids’ voices fill much of the building during the week as part of the church’s preschool. Newly designed and updated classrooms along with both indoor and outdoor play areas help make the most of the facility’s location.

The renovations were necessary to keep our building modern and functional explains then Trustee Chairman John Thompson. Members of the church believe the renovations were worth the investment and only strengthen their ability to serve God and the community. There is a lot excitement within the congregation that is proud of its history and hopeful for the future. The new facilities are available to the Old Town community as an affordable location for events such as weddings, concerts, exhibits, receptions, classes, and meetings. Please contact the church office for availability and details.

In June of 2018, the Sanctuary also received a full renovation. The Sanctuary, which has served as the worshipping space for the congregation since the building was first built in 1851, was last renovated in the 1970s and 80s, when the Schantz organ was installed, choral area and platform built, and carpet replaced.

The renovation that took place in June 2018 included adding on a permanent platform in the front, replacing the carpet, repairing pews and replacing the pew pads, upgrading the lighting, upgrading the HVAC system, fixing water damage and cracks in the plaster, and painting the full room (walls, ceilings, furniture, etc.). Once the work was completed, the Sanctuary was rededicated for the use of worship and community events in a celebratory worship service.