We are grateful to have so many wonderful non-profits, civic associations, churches, and community members who make Alexandria the wonderful community it is. If you’re looking for other organizations to support in the community – whether with your time or resources – here are a few of the partners we work with most. You can check out the many ways we work with and support our community partners on the In the Community page.


ALIVE! was founded by 14 faith communities in 1969 who thought they could do something to respond to rising levels of poverty in the city of Alexandria. ALIVE! was started as Alexandria Involved Ecumenically, and has grown from 14 to 47 congregations, community, city and civic organization and volunteers who work together to help provide basic needs support to people in the city of Alexandria. ALIVE!’s mainstay programs provide essential support including shelter, food, monetary support, and basic furniture and housewares.


Friends of Guest House

Friends of Guest House helps women successfully reenter the community from incarceration. Since their founding in 1974, Guest House has helped more than 4,000 women break the vicious cycle of incarceration, reunite with their families, and reintegrate into their communities.

Friends of Guest House operates four separate homes in the Alexandria community.


ACT for Alexandria

ACT brings the community together to elevate local philanthropic giving and engagement to new heights, supports local nonprofits working to aid the most vulnerable and develops solutions for our most pressing community challenges. 

They host and manage the Washington Street UMC Early Education Fund, which provides financial support for low-income families in the community seeking early childhood education opportunities. 


Carpenter’s Shelter

The Carpenter’s Shelter Mission is to support people who are experiencing and are at risk of homelessness to achieve sustainable independence through shelter & housing location, guidance, education, and advocacy.

Their comprehensive continuum of care offers continuous services, aiding the chronically homeless and shelter residents through their transition back into independent living. They empower their clients to address the issues which led them to homelessness and provide the tools necessary to achieve lasting independence.