Announcement TitleDate Posted
2021-2022 New Family Application for Enrollment2/7/21
Admission Policy New Families 2021-20222/7/21
VA DSS Revised Phase III Guidelines ECE Settings1/12/21
January 2021 Newsletter1/7/21
December 2020 Newsletter12/4/20
Guidance for Continued Operations Fall-Winter10/29/20
November 2020 News10/29/20
October 2020 News10/29/20
September 2020 Newsletter9/29/20
2020-2021 WSUMCP Calendar9/11/20
Infection Control and Sanitation Practices During COVID9/29/20
2020-2021 Daily Health Screening9/11/20
2020-2021 Health and Illness Prevention Policy9/29/20
WSUMCP Guidance for Fall 2020 Re-Opening During COVID-1910/29/20
VA DSS Revised Phase III Guidelines ECE Settings9/29/20
VA DSS Phase 3 ECE Settings7/27/20
VA DSS Phase 2 ECE Settings6/25/20
VA DSS Phase 1 ECE Settings6/25/20
What Do Children Learn in a High-Quality Education Preschool Programs9/4/19
Leave Your Legacy Engraved Brick Flier7/22/19
Inclement Weather Closing & Delayed Opening Policy7/2/19
Confidentiality, Trust & Social Media Policy7/30/18
Healthy Snack Suggestions7/30/18
Loose Parts Flier7/30/18