At Washington Street Preschool we strive to make the childhood journey full of wonder and joy by providing a variety of experiences. We are diligent in our efforts to provide a high quality half-day program and offer meaningful enrichment activities.

Monthly enrichment opportunities include:

  • Science Seed twice a month a qualified teacher from the Science Seed program will come to the school to provide additional science instruction. Children will learn about a specific science topic and participate in hands-on experiments.
  • Opal Music Studio’s Young Musicians Program once a month the children will participate in a fun music class with teachers from Opal Music. The children will learn about the different types of music notes, play instruments and sing and dance.
  • Chapel – to support spiritual growth, the preschool holds Chapel on a monthly basis. Chapel consists of age appropriate stories, songs, and prayer.

Additional enrichment opportunities include:

Walking Field Trips

The Owls class takes regular chaperoned walking field trips to the Barrett Branch Library on Queen Street. Other walking field trips in Old Town are incorporated whenever possible in order to enhance our theme units.

Hatch-a-Chick Unit

A school favorite! In the Spring, all classes are provided chicken eggs from Three Bags Wool Farm in Purcellville to observe and learn about the life cycle of a chick. Once the chicks hatch, they are kept in the classrooms for a week for the children to observe and then sent home to the farm.

Extended Day

The preschool’s Lunch Bunch program is offered to 4 and 5 year-old students with the option for younger children to participate in the program later in the year. On Lunch Bunch days, children will bring a lunch to school and stay until 2 pm. The program is particularly helpful to children who will begin Kindergarten the following fall as it allows students to experience a slightly longer day and have more peer interaction over lunch, which is a big developmental step for young children.

Community Outreach

Our preschool participates in a variety of outreach and ministry programs, such as Thanksgiving Food collections, Christmas Giving Programs and much more.