Parent Testimonials

What Parents Say About Our Preschool:

“I was a nervous mom who wasn’t sure about sending my little ones off to preschool. I wanted to cherish every moment with them at home for this finite period of time. But I quickly realized that they were yearning for more than what I alone could provide. Washington Street Preschool was everything that we were looking for in our children’s social and educational development. The children learn through play and are encouraged to work together through in many different capacities. They all quickly formed friendships that they still have today as young adults. This sweet little preschool provided such a great foundation not only for our children but also for us as a family and brought us so much closer to the old town community. I will forever be grateful for Washington Street Preschool and look back at those years fondly.”–WSUMCP Parent


“Even though my oldest daughter is now applying to college, we still often talk about preschool memories and her wonderful teachers. Having a strong preschool experience forms the basis for a successful transition to elementary school. Our family is very blessed to have sent three daughters to Washington Street Preschool. There is no better preschool program in the area. The experienced and loving teachers and the curriculum fostered such a love of learning that remains with my daughters today. There were so many school traditions ranging from the Thanksgiving feast, to Christmas concert to watching baby chicks hatch that made an indelible mark on our family. It is an extremely well-run school and has a strong presence in the community. The friendships we have made there still last today.” –WSUMCP Parent


“My two children were at WSUMCP for a total of 4 years combined. It was an amazing experience and the perfect foundation for their elementary years. They developed so much confidence during their time at WSUMCP. They grew socially and academically. The focus on learning through play is so appropriate and healthy for this age. The teachers and Director are incredible, showing such care for their students. The enrichment activities were wonderful as well – library visits, walking field trips to the Post Office for Valentine’s Day, firehouse visits, Science Seed, visits from a local farm, and music. I would 100% recommend WSUMCP for your child’s early learning experience.” –WSUMCP Parent


“As a military family that joined the class late, we were made to feel so welcome. My little boy had felt shy to begin, especially after a move across country. WSUMCP was his first time away from his family (no daycare experience, just home with mom). The warm environment was just what he needed. He blossomed and just adores school, his teachers, and classmates. He is the first one awake in the morning. He gets himself dressed, grabs his snack and tote bag and puts them by the door. We are awoken to his happy voice saying, “I’m ready for school! Come on let’s go!” We have to slow him down to eat breakfast because he’s raring to go. I think that’s the best endorsement you can have.” –WSUMCP Parent


“My daughter absolutely loved her time at WSUMCP! The community really sets the preschool apart. Our preschool friendships will last for years and years. The play-based curriculum was engaging in a way that my daughter was very prepared for Kindergarten but also absolutely loved coming to school each day. The staff are amazing and always there for the families.” –WSUMCP Parent


“Washington Street is such a special place. It provided such a wonderful early educational foundation for my daughters. They started Kindergarten with such strong skills and a love of learning. My favorite part? I can’t pick just one but it would include the loving teachers; the play-based curriculum; the preschool traditions; the sense of community; and how excited my daughters were to go to preschool each day.” –WSUMCP Parent


“Our family had a great experience at Washington Street. The teachers and staff were wonderful and it’s just such a caring and warm environment. I loved the big, open classrooms and the variety of activities that were offered (music, science, etc.). My son learned a lot and was well prepared for kindergarten.”                –WSUMCP Parent


“My favorite part? Everything. The teachers. The leadership. The community. Watching my children grow in their confidence and love of learning. Watching my children build friendships that they still have, over 3 and 5 years since graduating Washington St.” –WSUMCP Parent


As a military family we arrived in the middle of the school year and the Washington Street UMC Preschool has been the best thing that happened for my child’s education. Their support has been outstanding, and I highly recommend their services for your child.” –WSUMCP Parent


“Washington Street Preschool is a hidden gem, located right off of King St. My daughter attended the school for two years and we couldn’t be happier and more fortunate to have been part of such a supportive and positive community. The teachers and administrators are accessible and communicative, so I’ve felt like I’ve had a real window into my child’s time at school and how she’s developing. WSUMCP definitely prepared my daughter for Kindergarten, both academically and socially.” –WSUMCP Parent


“My boys and I still miss the preschool! We did the bumblebees with my older boy and the Owls with my younger since we took some time off during the pandemic. Over that period we got to work with all of the teachers and staff and they were all so lovely! The boys learned a lot and loved the projects they got to do! The Owls class was great preparation for kindergarten while still keeping it fun and playful!”–WSUMCP Parent


“The school offers such a supportive community for parents and kids transitioning to school life. Teachers and administrators were always available to respond to questions which I so appreciated.” –WSUMCP Parent


“My favorite part was the community! Lifelong friends started at this sweet preschool for my husband and I and our children.” –WSUMCP Parent


“The classes are great for the kids; the staff is so kind and very fun and safe environment.” –WSUMCP Parent