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Worship Series:
We Are Never Alone Rev. Thomas G. James May 21, 2023 Watch

There will always be something else inviting us to turn from the ways of God. But faithful disciples must stay alert and focused, always reminding ourselves of the God of all grace, who will restore, support, strengthen, and establish us. We remain in faithfulness in our corporate experience, united by the grace of God will all who share in the Christian witness.

Fear Not Rev. Thomas G. James May 14, 2023 Watch

Focus on “Do not fear what they fear” … how can we be ok with the changes that are happening?

The Unchangeable Consistency of Change Rev. Thomas G. James May 7, 2023 Watch

Christ was not defined as a stagnant truth, but a living stone. So too should our faith be a living stone, as we continue to be built and grow in understanding and faithfulness. As the world changes, so too must we, in faithful ways as God leads.

But now… Rev. Dr. James G. Daniely April 30, 2023 Watch

Take a little of Christ with you in all you do – don’t act one way at church on Sunday and another way the rest of the week.

A Foundational Truth Rev. Thomas G. James April 23, 2023 Watch

Being born anew in Christ leads us to claim a foundational truth that is centered on mutual love. In a world that is continually changing, we must maintain this truth, and insist upon this mutual love.

The Lasting Impact of Easter Rev. Thomas G. James April 16, 2023 Watch

The promise of Easter is that we have this new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. How does that new birth sustain us when the world around us doesn’t reflect that same joy?