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Worship Series:
Giving Up Allegiance Rev. Thomas G. James November 26, 2023 Watch

The final thing we must give up is our allegiance to wealth. Not in the way of giving, no in the way of spending, not in the way of power, but in the way of pursuit. There is more to life – indeed faithful living – than yearning for more. Reclaiming the truth that Christ is King, and recommitting ourselves to allegiance solely to the Lord, will help us as faithful stewards.

Giving Up the Benjamins Rev. Thomas G. James November 19, 2023 Watch

In our culture, chasing the Benjamins is just what you do. Money is everywhere, and so is the invitation to get more of it. From “get rich quick” schemes, to billion dollar lottery payouts, to casinos offering the lure of cash jackpots, to triangle schemes that promise huge sums of passive income, there is no shortage of promises for reaching your personal payday. Perhaps this is why the Bible talks about giving SO MUCH. With the world begging you to have more, God stands firmly in the opposite camp inviting you to give more.

Giving Up Wastefulness Rev. Thomas G. James November 12, 2023 Watch

Good stewardship is often expressed in terms of charity and tithing. Stewardship is often measured in how much you give away. Without question, giving is a regular invitation of the Bible. Yet, it is also important that stewardship focus on good care and wise use of God’s resources (understanding that we aren’t to serve money, we still must be responsible with it).

Giving Up Control Rev. Thomas G. James November 5, 2023 Watch

From Genesis to Revelation, we are instructed to be stewards of God’s resources. The Bible claims, time and again, that everything is God’s, and we are simply stewards of it. To reclaim a faithful posture toward stewardship, we have to reclaim who is the rightful owner of all things: God.