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Worship Series:
We Trust our Belovedness Rev. Thomas G. James January 7, 2024 Watch

In Jesus’s baptism, we hear from the heavens that Jesus is the Son of God, and we witness that he did not come to serve alone, but to share in ministry in the midst of community. We see Jesus’s purpose affirmed, as he is filled with the Spirit to be the witness of God in the world. And we acknowledge that Jesus is God’s beloved, and that as God’s created humanity, we too are beloved by God; this is witnessed and affirmed in the way Jesus serves in ministry and in his willingness to serve God’s ultimate call to the cross for our eternal salvation.

We Make Room Rev. Thomas G. James December 24, 2023 Watch

Luke’s Gospel tells us that when Mary gives birth to Jesus, she lays him in a manger, for there was no place for them in the guest room. The city had no room, but God makes a place here anyway. Let us make room – for strangers and neighbors alike. For this is good news of great joy for all people.

We Are Filled with Amazement and Hope Rev. Thomas G. James December 17, 2023 Watch

When it comes time to name the child, Zechariah affirms the name given by the angel and by Elizabeth. In that moment of affirming the promise, Zechariah’s speech is restored. Everyone is filled with awe. And Mary sings a song about God’s liberation, offering hope amidst the promise of justice and joy.

We Find Joy in Connection Rev. Thomas G. James December 10, 2023 Watch

In community, our joy expands. When we can’t rejoice, we can carry each other’s joy. Through the prophet Isaiah, we hear God speak tender words of comfort; this is the comfort we can give to and receive from each other during this season.

We Acknowledge Our Weariness Rev. Thomas G. James December 3, 2023 Watch

As Advent begins, we start by acknowledging the weariness, grief, rage, and hopelessness we carry—and we also affirm that we are made for joy. Sometimes weariness can harden us and prevent us from living fully and feeling the joy. This is how we show up to Advent.