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Worship Series:
You Get a Car … EVERYONE Gets a Car! Rev. Thomas G. James February 11, 2024 Watch

Bernie Sanders may be hailed as the champion of American socialism, but his views on sharing a common cup are nothing compared to the radical communalism of the early Christian community. Moving away from a government mandated socialism, we will find that the Bible is not silent on social welfare.

It’s Getting Hot in Here Rev. Thomas G. James February 4, 2024 Watch

Is it warm in here, or is it just me? Climate change is a debated issue – does it even exist? It would be impossible to make a Scriptural defense of climate change, for the science to even consider such a topic just didn’t exist. Into the conversation, we will consider what the Bible does say about being stewards of God’s creation.

How to Manage Immigration Challenges Rev. Thomas G. James January 28, 2024 Watch

Immigration has long been a contentious issue in our nation. Nationally, we’ve debated from which countries we should allow people to immigrate, how many people we should allow to immigrate, and how difficult the process of naturalization should be. Putting aside our blue and red flags, how might the Bible guide our policies?

How to Disagree without the Vitriol Rev. Thomas G. James January 21, 2024 Watch

We have a bad practice of condemning to hell everyone with whom we disagree. This kind of vitriolic reaction to others usually betrays the call of Christ to love our enemies. How can we engage faithfully with those who have such polar opposite opinions on big issues?