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Worship Series:
Borrowing Hope Rev. Thomas G. James December 20, 2020 Watch

The invitation that lie ahead of us in the stable, in the manger, in the arms of Mary is promised in the Magnificat – it’s an invitation to create a new hope, to see a new future, to engage in a new promise, to receive a new inspiration … for this is not just the future work of God, it is the work God is already doing, and in full assurance, it is the work God has already done.

Hoping for a New Year Rev. Thomas G. James December 13, 2020 Watch

The Advent paradox says we don’t have to be ok, to be ok. … We don’t have to be ok, to be ok. … Can you say that with me? We don’t have to be ok, to be ok.

Lost in the Wilderness Rev. Thomas G. James December 6, 2020 Watch

In times of desperation and difficulty, we often feel as if God is missing. Like the Israelites wandering in the wilderness, we bemoan our current situation. And yet, the promise of Advent is not that we need to rush ahead, to busy ourselves to forget the past and move on to the future, but to remember … to remember God has not left us.

A Year End Lament Rev. Thomas G. James November 29, 2020 Watch

We turn to God in lament and anger, because we believe God has the capacity to ensure such ill does not afflict us. Knowing of God’s power over the temporary and the enteral, our only explanation for such harm in the here and now is that God must have chosen it. It’s our way of coping, as God’s limited creation, to explain unexplainable or undesirable events.