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Worship Series:
The Immeasurable Greatness Rev. Jeff Mickle May 17, 2020 Watch

The role of the Church is to bear witness to Jesus and His love and power, at work to save the world. The immeasurable power of Christ, filling up the church, and overflowing through the Church, to fill all in all. That is the hope, that is the glorious inheritance. That is the immeasurable power. Guest Preacher: Rev. Jeff Mickle, District Superintendent of the Alexandria District

pisteos Jesou Christou • the faith of Jesus Christ Rev. Thomas G. James February 23, 2020 Watch

When Paul says that we are saved by “the faith of/in Jesus Christ,” what does he mean? Paul believed this faith was a faith that tore down walls, not a faith that built walls up. Paul believed this faith removed the demarcations that had divided the community, instead of being a faith that further splintered communities. This was not any faith, this was the faith of Jesus Christ – it is the Lord’s faithfulness that offers righteousness and claims us as God’s children.

yada • ginokso Rev. Thomas G. James February 16, 2020 Watch

The English language often fails to speak to the breadth and depth of the original Biblical languages. A deeper look at the Greek and Hebrew makes very clear: the Biblical Word is not Lord; the Bishop is not the Lord; the Church is not the Lord; Jesus Christ is Lord.

anthropos • man-person Rev. Thomas G. James February 9, 2020 Watch

It’s time we stop using the Biblical Word to exclude people who have been called – gifted, inspirited, and empowered – to serve God. Though the English translation has been used to silence women in the church, a quick study of the Biblical text shows that God has always called women to lead the faithful. We cannot hide behind faulty translations; we must proclaim the good news of great joy in Jesus Christ, that all people are called, empowered with wisdom, and instructed to be found mature in the Lord.

arsenokoites • man bed Rev. Thomas G. James February 2, 2020 Watch

In 1 Corinthians 6, Paul had a specific focus in his teaching, and it wasn’t covenantal, faithful, sacred, and permanent relationships between two people of any gender … it was acts that abused, broke covenant, and forced unfaithful, non-sacred, adulterous sexual acts on others. To claim the Biblical truth, we must look to the historic text, and claim a more faithful, long-standing, and traditional understanding of Paul’s teaching.

Shalom • Peace Rev. Thomas G. James January 26, 2020 Watch

The Biblical text never promises wealth and prosperity to the faithful. What it does promise, is peace, well-being, and unity among the gathered faithful. The English translation fails us when it replaces God’s vision of shalom, with our worldly visions of extravagant wealth.

Doulos • Slave Rev. Thomas G. James January 19, 2020 Watch

The Biblical witness can not be summed up by any one passage of the scriptural text. When passages are cherry picked, it most often leads to a watered down gospel or failed truth that does not stand the test of the Gospel on the whole. How we treat the word “slave” is a key example.

Chamed • Cover Rev. Thomas G. James January 12, 2020 Watch

We should not cheapen the Biblical word due to our insufficient English translations, but claim the fullness of God’s desire for humanity as laid out in the ancient texts. God longs for us to delight in the goodness of creation, but not in a way that threatens the peace of the community.

Seeing the Word of God Rev. Thomas G. James January 5, 2020 Watch

Through language theory and modernity, we have found that, though etymology, sentence structure, and linguistic comparisons can help in translating the Bible, the most reliable way to translate the Biblical text is to read the text in context. Context matters more than etymology. Context matters more than sentence structure. Context matters more than simple letter-by- letter translations.