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Worship Series:
Loving Our Enemies Rev. Thomas G. James October 22, 2023 Watch

Jesus pushes us beyond the culturally acceptable practice of “loving our neighbors, and hating our enemies,” and invites us into a more faithful posture of “loving our enemies, and praying for those who persecute us.” This is not an easy change in human posture. But for the greater glory of God, it is the posture Jesus insists upon.

Wilderness Rev. Dr. James G. Daniely October 15, 2023 Watch

We may linger in our wilderness for a night, but blessedness will come in the morning. The Psalmist declares, “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning”! Oh, our night may be twenty or thirty years long, but if we hold out and trust in God, morning will come.

The Steady Work of Living Water Rev. Thomas G. James October 8, 2023 Watch

n baptism, we use water as a symbol of God’s forgiveness, connecting us with all the ways water has been used to mark new beginnings in our faith history. Today, we remember our own baptism, and consider the lasting power of the water used when we were welcomed into the community of faith.

Beginning again with Love Rev. Thomas G. James October 1, 2023 Watch

Whatever wrath God feels about injustice and our complicity in it, whatever anger God directs at the human capacity for evil, flows out of love. God gets angry at sin because sin hurts the people and the creation God loves.”

Jonathan Edwards is not my Homeboy Rev. Thomas G. James September 24, 2023 Watch

What kind of shame do we hold because of things we’ve been taught we have done “wrong,” or because of parts of our life we’ve been told are “wrong”? Though many in the church hold to his lineage, Jonathan Edwards’ approach to condemning humanity as beyond God’s love is not only wrong, it’s unBiblical. There is a more faithful, scripturally attuned invitation for us as the Body of Christ.

The Liberation of Know-it-All Rev. Thomas G. James September 17, 2023 Watch

Rachel Held Evans states, “Certainty isn’t faith.” The life of the disciple Simon Peter gives us a great example of how a life of following Jesus doesn’t have to be marked with clear knowledge, perfect discipline, or unquestionable faith. Instead of having to be a Biblical know-it-all, Christ simply calls us to follow.

On the Days When I Believe Rev. Thomas G. James September 10, 2023 Watch

“Why are you a Christian?” This is the opening question in Rachel Held Evans book, Wholehearted Faith. How would you answer this? It is because of the people around you who invited you to church or encouraged you in the faith? Or is it because of the witnes of God’s love seen in Christ? Why are YOU a Christian?