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Worship Series:
Mary Rev. Thomas G. James December 24, 2021 Watch

Sometimes it feels like we still find it hard to make space for this child’s birth. We are so caught up in the political undertakings of our day that we just don’t have room for the proclamation of one who declares worth among the most vulnerable and unwanted of society. But as Mary proclaims, and the shepherds testify, the good news of Jesus Christ is not for any particular fraction of the community, but for all of it. It is only the good news of Christ if it is good news for all people.

Bathsheba Rev. Thomas G. James December 19, 2021 Watch

On this fourth Sunday of Advent, we will hear the story of Bathsheba. It can a triggering story, especially for those who have shared Bathsheba’s pain. But Bathsheba’s inclusion in the genealogy of Jesus is a reminder of the promise of Christ, who comes to shed light on the brokenness of humanity’s grasp at power. And it’s a reminder that sin does not have the final say for who we are in God’s love.

Ruth Rev. Thomas G. James December 12, 2021 Watch

On this Third Sunday of Advent, we are learning from and about Ruth, who is the third woman named in Jesus’ family tree (Matthew 1:1-17). Ruth the Moabite is a powerful reminder that God’s love is expansive, inviting and including in the story of Christ any and all who seek the well-being and shalom of the community. One need not even change their cultural or ethnic identity to be part of God’s family.

Rahab Rev. Thomas G. James December 5, 2021 Watch

This Advent season, we are learning about the five women named in Jesus’ family tree in Matthew 1:1-17. The second woman is Rahab, mother of Boaz. A Canaanite living in the city of Jericho, Rahab is often remembered for her illicit business. However, her trust and belief in the power of God, along with her dedication to her community, are a witness to her presence in Jesus’ genealogy. Her story is a proclamation that God can use any one of us, even using the worst of us, in the holy work of redemption.

Tamar Rev. Thomas G. James November 28, 2021 Watch

There are just five women named in the family tree of Jesus, found in Matthew 1:1-17. The first woman named is Tamar, whose story is told in Genesis 38. Though she is a Canaanite, a Gentile, and twice a widow, Tamar’s pursuit of justice and righteousness welcomes us into the Advent season, as we consider the need for the birth of Christ and God’s redeeming work in the world.