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And yet, I still love you Rev. Dr. Michelle Holmes Chaney July 31, 2022 Watch

To love is a natural human emotion. To love as God loves is to see everyone in God’s image and likeness. But what is transformational love? We can ponder that answer together as we journey with Hosea.

Perseverance in Prayer Rev. Dr. Michelle Holmes Chaney July 24, 2022 Watch

I learned early in life that prayer is a conversation with God. How would your prayer life change if you saw prayer as not just a conversation with God, but an active conversation?

Hospitality Has Its Rewards Rev. Dr. Michelle Holmes Chaney July 17, 2022 Watch

Often we think of hospitality as the ‘what we do’ for someone else. But Jesus calls us to see hospitality at a higher level, not just how we act, but what we gain access to.

Who Is Not My Neighbor? Rev. Dr. Michelle Holmes Chaney July 10, 2022 Watch

We typically define our neighbors by geographic location, who lives next door, who lives across the street or down the street. Does that mean that there are people who are not my neighbor?

All You Need is God Rev. Dr. Michelle Holmes Chaney July 3, 2022 Watch

As adults we learn quickly what we need to do the things we want to do. We need money to live on, a job to get the money and skills to get the job. But what do we need to get to heaven?

Good Mentor or God Mentor Rev. Dr. Michelle Holmes Chaney June 26, 2022 Watch

Everyone can benefit from the support of a good mentor. However, as disciples, called to do the work of Christ in the world, we don’t just need a good mentor, we need a God Mentor. Let’s explore together what it means to have God for a mentor, especially in these difficult and challenging days.

And Still We Are Loved Rev. Dr. Michelle Holmes Chaney June 12, 2022 Watch

We know God’s love is unconditional. But the conditional world in which we live can make holding onto and living into that truth challenging. Let us once again be reminded of God’s love and consider how to keep that unconditional love in the forefront of our lives.