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Power of the Holy Spirit, Power to Believe Rev. Dr. Michelle Holmes Chaney June 5, 2022 Watch

The Power of Pentecost is the promise of the Holy Spirit, unleashed in our lives, every day. Our power to believe in the Holy Spirit makes Pentecost not about an event, but an experience.

Love Sacrificially Rev. Dr. Michelle Holmes Chaney May 15, 2022 Watch

This week we return to a Lenten text so we can be reminded what our post Resurrection work should be. A work rooted in love and manifest by action…a sacrificial love. What does that type of love mean for us?

Hearing, Doing, Living Rev. Dr. Michelle Holmes Chaney May 8, 2022 Watch

The good shepherd discourse makes clear the connection between Jesus and the church, the body of believers who profess Christ. What are we being called to do as those believers? It may not be what you think!

Is This the Last Time? Rev. Dr. Michelle Holmes Chaney May 1, 2022 Watch

We as Christians live our lives responding to Jesus’ “Follow Me”. But looking at this very familiar passage, dare I ask, “follow you where, Jesus”? Together let us discover our roles as followers.

The Power of the Tongue Rev. Dr. Michelle Holmes Chaney September 6, 2020 Watch

In a political season, when words tend to fly freely from our mouths, it’s important to remember the text of James 3. It’s not the tongue that curses and blesses, it’s the words we convey and express with the tongue. How can we use our words to bless, and not to curse? Guest Preacher: Rev. Dr. Michelle Chaney