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Pastor Thomas has been the Lead Pastor at WSUMC since July 2015. He has a B.S. in Psychology from Ferrum College and an M.Div. from Wesley Theological Seminary.

De-escalating the Gaslit Powderkeg Rev. Thomas G. James March 19, 2023 Watch

It seems like every corner we take we find another gaslit fight waiting to break out. The world is anxious, like a lit powder keg, waiting for ignition. In such a tense moment, what we need is to cultivate a calming presence that difuses tension and holds fast to truth and love.

Getting Over Ourselves Rev. Thomas G. James March 12, 2023 Watch

We’re all just a little bit conceited, aren’t we? We live in a world that has given us permission to be a know-it-all, who can spit out fake news as if it were truth, and people will believe us. But the way of Christ is one of humility and selflessness. A faithful posture requires a limiting of one’s ego.

Critical Evil Theory Rev. Thomas G. James February 26, 2023 Watch

Jesus faced the devil in the wilderness, a spiritual force that invited Jesus to turn away from the truth of God’s power and authority. Paul says that, for all people of faith, we struggle in a similar fight against spiritual forces and cosmic powers. So what really is behind the systemic issues that continue to deteriorate God’s beautiful creation?

A Failure to Love Rev. Thomas G. James February 22, 2023 Watch

Lent is a journey to discover wholeness. But to admit we have wholeness to discover, we must begin in the acknowledgement of the brokenness of our world. The world is plagued by sin – separation from God – separation from love. Sin is a failure to love. As we begin this year’s lenten journey, we’ll consider how the brokenness of the world is the result of our failure to love.

Hope Beyond Hope Rev. Thomas G. James February 19, 2023 Watch

We often think of hope as short-term planning: What do you hope will happen in your upcoming job interview; your athletic competition; or you current dating relationship? But hope isn’t the same as goal-setting. Hope offers us something greater; it is an invitation to a promise that is bigger than our own lives.

The Practice of Hope Rev. Thomas G. James February 12, 2023 Watch

As we maintain a focus on hope, we find that hope is not a stagnant entity. Hope is not just something we think about or believe in, hope is a motivator that leads us into action. Like a daily walk, hope is something that we practice and live out.

Hope Travels in Story Rev. Thomas G. James February 5, 2023 Watch

The Old Testament offers a beautiful witness to the power of hope in story. By offering hope in story, we are able to pass on hope, to share hope, and to include the greater community in the promise of hope.