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Speaker: Rev. Thomas G. James

Pastor Thomas has been the Lead Pastor at WSUMC since July 2015. He has a B.S. in Psychology from Ferrum College and an M.Div. from Wesley Theological Seminary.

Yes, And … Rev. Thomas G. James September 12, 2021 Watch

The first step to living into the “yes, and…” invitation is to say yes. We can’t add on the “and” until we’ve acknowledge what is. And yet, saying “yes” is insufficient for God, and it shouldn’t be sufficient for us as God’s people.

Habitual Faith Rev. Thomas G. James September 5, 2021 Watch

Over the past year, we’ve all formed some new habits. Whether that’s working from home, or joining in worship from your pajamas, habits define a lot of behaviors. Sometimes, we don’t even know that our habits exist, and it’s not always easy for someone else to point out habits that we don’t like to claim.

Worship: Preparation Rev. Thomas G. James August 22, 2021 Watch

Worship isn’t simply a time to praise God, it’s a time of preparation that we may go forth to live every moment of every day firmly planted in the promise of whom God has created us to be. Worship is a time of preparation, a time in which we are geared up to stand on the promises of Christ our Savior.

Worship: Conversion Rev. Thomas G. James August 15, 2021 Watch

Worship is about having our mind converted to the ways of God. It’s about learning to discern what is of God and what is not. Worship is a time of conversion from the ways of the world to the mind of God.

Worship: Confession Rev. Thomas G. James August 8, 2021 Watch

The apostle makes it abundantly clear that truth-telling, honest-living, up-lifting speech is necessary in the work of maintaining the unity of the community. To get to this level of honesty with one another and with God, we must engage in the holy work of confession. While not always easy, confession allows for the healing that is necessary for authentic and healthy community.

Worship: Unity Rev. Thomas G. James August 1, 2021 Watch

The church was created in unity with its many gifts to function as the body of Christ in the world. Our purpose is to mimic for the world the love of God in Christ, and that means, working with every effort to maintain the unity in which the body was first created.

Worship: Prayer Rev. Thomas G. James July 25, 2021 Watch

Prayer is not a one-way conversation, even when you’re by yourself. Prayer is about being in communion with the Lord. In this way, prayer is not just a part of worship, prayer is worship and worship is prayer.