Our Mission


Washington Street United Methodist Church exists to help equip and prepare you to be the hands and feet of Christ – to learn to use the gifts and passions God has put in your life, to be a part of our joint mission of Making a Place for Everyone to Know God’s Love.

Worship and church activities are open to all persons without regard to race, color, ethnicity, national origin, social status, gender-identity, sexual orientation, age, economic condition, or ability. In other words, all are welcome!

Washington Street UMC is one unique witness to the power of God in the world. We believe our church is only able to function as God has created us to be when each member is welcomed to fully share and engage in the mission and ministry of the church. Your prayers, your presence, your gifts, your service, and your witness help us become whom God is creating us to be. Every time a new member brings new ideas and gifts to the Church, our collective identity changes as the Body of Christ is continually being formed and reformed to offer hope and life to the world today. 

What We Believe

Our Wesleyan theology is grounded in God’s abundant grace for all of God’s created humanity – the promise that God, through Christ, has done all that is necessary for our salvation and that we do not need to earn, and cannot work, our way into God’s favor. We believe that God is love, and the deeper our relationship with God, the more joyful, fulfilling, and productive our lives become.

We deepen our relationship with God and our faith in Jesus through an ongoing process, which invites each individual into a lifelong experience of learning, serving, and sharing. We engage in this discipleship process through studying the Biblical text, corporate worship, prayer, small groups, community service, and neighborly fellowship.

Our call as God’s people is founded in the gifting of the Holy Spirit, through which God commissioned the Church to be a witness to the power of Christ, which gives new life to the world. As God’s Spirit-gifted witness, we are comprised of many unique members who share in life together to love and serve within the Body of Christ.

Our Story

Washington Street UMC has existed in its current location at the heart of Old Town Alexandria since 1849. Our central location is part of our call to be a church that focuses on the life, health, faith, and community of Alexandria.

Though an intentionally local congregation, as a church located in the shadows of the nation’s capital, we have a truly global community. From Alexandria tourists and seasonal residents, to government employees serving abroad or at the Pentagon, to students at the many graduate schools in the area, WSUMC seeks to offer a welcome place for everyone who works, lives, or visits in the area.

You’re invited to share as one of God’s beloved as we work together, making God’s love known to all. 


You’re invited to join in worship on Sunday mornings at 10:00am. Worship offers a place of invitation to encounter the love of God in community through songs, prayers, scripture readings, sermon, and the sacraments of communion and baptism. Learn more …


And you’re invited to help make a difference in the local community and the world by responding to God’s love by putting your faith into action to transform the world as we are being transformed by God. Local projects might include feeding the homeless or providing needed school supplies to area children. Learn more …